Weird Street vs. Email


Weird Street is the communication app for small businesses who want to connect to the businesses around them and build a stronger, more productive community.

We all use email almost every day, it has changed the way we communicate with each other in dramatic ways, but email is not an effective tool for communicating and collaborating with a group of people. Email is fragmented method of communication that creates those enormous emial chains that are hard to follow. Either everyone ends up on something only a few people care about, or the people who need important information are left off. This isn't a new concept; more and more people are finding that there has to be a better way to work together.

We created Weird Street to help businesses work better with their business community to solve problems, collaborate, and create new partnerships.

Here are a few ways Weird Street is better than email. We’ll introduce you to a simpler, more organized and more productive way of working with your neighboring businesses.


Organized, easy-to-find conversations

Many of our email inboxes are a Pandora's box. There is no organization for many of us, and the few of us who are diligent enough to tag and put everything in it's corresponding folder. We still end up getting CC'd on email chains that have nothing to do with us, and we are excluded from those important communications. Using email our businesses specific and organization communication gets mixed in with messages from external clients and customers, as well as all the other emails you get: spam, newsletters, subscriptions, bills, political-chain email that was forward from your grandpa.

These Email chains easily become long and difficult to read, and always, inevitably splinter off into multiple side chains and rants, leaving key people out of the discussion. If you need to go back and add someone to the conversation, you need to forward an entire mess of back-and-forth messages and attachments (and hope that they arrive). It feels archaic because, well, it is.

In Weird Street, conversations are organized into specific Topics that you create. When you want to loop someone in, you simply invite them and they can catch up on the entire conversation in its full context. That’s it. When you have a public Topic in Weird Street any business in your neighborhood can easily browse conversations and follow up on conversations that your neighbors had in the past. There are private Topics for those discussions you'd rather not have the entire community see. This is great for organizations like Merchants Associations, or if you have a smaller group within the community.

Plus, everything’s organized in a simple, easy to use layout. Try and compare this with email.

 Gmail Chain Email

Gmail Chain Email

 Weird Street Topics

Weird Street Topics


Centralized Knowledge

With Weird Street, all of your community's discussions are organized and accessible in one single place. Everyone sees the same version of the story– public Topics are the default. In Weird Street, you don't have to go around asking your neighbors where the agenda PDF is for the next Association Meeting, because it’s all already there. You can easily search the entire conversation from the first message ever sent.

With a private Topic you have all of the same abilities, if you're invited. Anyone can get up to speed on current discussions, and be informed of what happened before. Businesses can now save time finding important discussions and documents


Build up Your community, don't just talk about it.

Email is a great way to open an issue, but it's a terrible way to collaborate, communicate and create a solution.

Weird Street makes you and your community more productive by letting you focus on the work and conversations that are actually important and get down to solving problems, instead of managing endless email chains. At Weird Street, we don’t use email for internal communications at all– this means that we don’t have a running list of 100 unread messages (half of which is usually junk mail) to distract us.

The business community of the future is here. We believe that you’ll be able to grow your business, save time, integrate and collaborate with your community to create a stronger community with Weird Street.



What can I do with Weird Street?

  • Easily follow conversations from start to finish and invite the right businesses to join in them.
  • Grow a centralized, searchable source of community knowledge that builds itself.
  • Focus on the community and growing your business with action and not just endless talk.

We hope this helps you see the potential for a new way to work with your business neighbors, and if you’re done with community email chains, give us a shout at Have a great day!