What are Topics?

Topics organize your team’s threads around broad topics like team, project, location, or area of interest. They make it easier for teams to browse and find the information they need. 

If you don’t see a topic for your community, you can create a new one and invite neighbors to it.

Quick tip Topics can be public or private. Public topics are visible to everyone in the community, and private topics will only be visible to invited neighbors.

Here’s a topic in action:

  1. Topic

  2. Number of members

  3. Public/private Topics

  4. Mark as read

  5. Topic options

  6. Posts in Topic

You can organize Topics however you like:

  • By Industry (i.e. #retail, #coffee)

  • By Event (i.e. #sxsw, #block-party)

  • By Type (i.e. #recommendations, #Legal)

Quick tip: Every Weird Street community has a General Topic, which your community can use for whatever purpose suits you best.

Learn more about how to use Topics:

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