Weird Street Moderation Guide

These are a few tips we've picked up along the road. Please add your own in the comments as we'd love to hear them!

Growing a community from scratch

There are two obvious things you need; for business owners to hear about your community, and for them to subscribe and contribute.

Advertising your new community

  1. /newCommunity should be the first place to announce your community.

  2. Search for similar communities to yours and message the admins asking if they want to link to you in their bio. Many admins are happy to do this, as it encourages the community around your shared topic. Don't forget to link back to them 👈.

  3. Large communities like /ServiceIndustry have lists of communities that you can be added to.

  4. You can submit a link to your community in larger, related communities. But be sure to only do this once. Repeated submissions begging for subscribers is highly annoying and probably considered spam.

  5. Finally, we’ve found the best way is to discover business owners who are commenting about something related to your topic or industry, and join in the convo with a link to your community.

Creating an active community

It's no good telling people to visit your community if the last post was 6 months ago. Few people feel the need to join dead communities. Most of the submissions into the community will initially be by you. This can be repetitive and frustrating, but if you don't do it, who else will?

One tip is to offer your early subscribers the chance of becoming an admin in exchange for making regular submissions. For the first few months almost all the submissions were by the admins, but once you hit over a couple hundred subscribers the community will likely become a self-sustaining and active community.

It's important not to swamp your new community with links all on one day and then forget about it for a few weeks. Only the top post will probably show on a subscriber's homepage with the rest invisible unless they visit the community directly. A much better idea is to post one link, question, or article a day, then each of these posts has a fair chance of hitting the subscriber's home page.

How to find content?

Subscribing and contributing to other communities is by far the best way to keep track of new content for your community. Remember that you want to submit only quality posts, this is where quality over quantity really matters. There are numerous sites, and information that you can find interesting things to post, but in order to get the quality community engagement you need to make sure most questions, or asks get a quality response.

  • If one of your members asks a question, do everything in your power to get that answered. (This can be tough, or time consuming in the beginning, but when the community is there, dozens of other experts will be happy to help.)

  • Weird Street isn’t Facebook. So make sure it’s not just a poorly constructed marketing channel. This will happen at some point: when you get a bunch of new business owners in a community there will start to be a lot of self-promotion, deals, and even questions that are posed as obvious marketing ploys. Be sure to remove these and iterate the real purpose of your community… Unless this is the purpose of your community.

Maintaining your community

In the early days there will be very little actual moderation to do. Best to get everything set up now so you don't overlook it later.

The interest level and activity levels of the managers are really important in making a community successful. It’s all about the person leading it.

Look Legit

  • Make sure you have a high quality profile image and header image for your community.

  • Make sure that your community has a unique name and that everything is spelled correctly.

  • Make sure to add your community rules for new members to see.

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