Create a Topic

Weird Street Topics are a great place to have conversations related to an issue, event or specific group. For example, you could have topics like SxSW, Recommendations, or Retail Businesses.

Note Read What is a topic? to learn everything you need to know about topics.

So if you’re starting a new topic on Weird Street: here’s how:


  1. At the top of the Topics list, click the to create a new Topic.

  2. Add a Topic Name.

  3. Add a description

  4. Choose your topic color by clicking the colored dot.

  5. Select your topic’s privacy by clicking either Public or Private.

  6. If it’s private add neighbors to the Topic by typing out the names of neighbors into the Add Neighbors field.

  7. Click Create in the top right.

  8. Your topic has been created, and you can start posting or uploading images into the topic.


Q: If I create a public topic, will every one be able to see it?

A: Yes, as of right now all Public Topics on Weird Street are visible to the entire neighborhood. if you’d like to have a group discussion with a select group of businesses you should create a Private Topic instead.

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