Weird Street vs. Email

Email Sucks. Okay that's a bit harsh, Email was an amazing innovation in the 90's and revolutionized communication, (it also gave us the plot to probably the best rom-com 'You've Got Mail') but it hasn't changed much since then. We've all been caught in an inescapable email chain where we get information we don't need, and the stuff we do need, we can't find.

So we created Weird Street. We want businesses to be able to communicate not just face-to-face at association meetings, but collaborate, get advice and recommendations when you need it. With Weird Street we make it easy to work together as a community to solve problems, collaborate, and create new partnerships.

Here are a few ways Weird Street is way better than email. 


Organized, Easy-To-Find Conversations

Many of our email inboxes are a Pandora's box. There is no organization, and even for the most organized person, it becomes a task to keep it that way.

With email we get all of our important work emails intermixed with spam, email chains, newsletters, and other stuff that distracts us from the work that we do. 

In Weird Street, the community organizes conversations into Topics. These Topics can be about anything, Crime & Safety, Recommendations, or the SxSW Block Party. You can make them public to the whole community, or private for an exclusive group. With Weird Street conversations are exactly that, conversational, you can catch up on the full context of the chat, so you're never out of the loop.


Email Chain

Email Chain

Weird Street Topics

Weird Street Topics

Centralized Knowledge

Email is great for sharing information, documents and more, but when it comes time to find those things, it's not as easy as you'd expect, especially if it's buried in a chain, or there are multiple versions of something.

With Weird Street, all of your community's discussions are organized and accessible in one single place. Everyone sees the same version of the story. You don't have to go around asking your neighbors where the agenda PDF is for the next Association Meeting, because it’s all already there, in the Merchants Association Topic.

Every business in the community can get up to speed on current discussions, and be informed of what issues are in the public forum saving you so much time search or trying to go through an email chain to piece together the conversation.


Build Up Your Community, Don't Just Talk About It.

Email is a great way to open an issue, but it's a terrible way to collaborate, communicate, and create a solution.

Weird Street gives you and your community the freedom to be more productive by letting you focus on the work and conversations that are actually important and get down to solving problems, instead of managing endless email chains. At Weird Street, we don’t use email for internal communications at all– this means that we don’t have a running list of 100 unread messages (half of which is usually junk mail) to distract us.

The business community of the future is here. We believe that you’ll be able to grow your business, save time, integrate and collaborate with your neighbors to create a stronger community with Weird Street.

We hope this helps you see the potential for a new way to work with your business neighbors, and if you’re done with community email chains, give us a shout at Have a great day!

Stephen Perkins