4 Ways to Show Your 💪 Employees 💙Love this Labor Day

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Labor Day was born out of a huge shift in how we view and treat workers, during the Industrial Revolution being a worker meant working hard hours for little pay in dangerous situations. Today, we get to reap the benefits of these changes, including minimum wage, safety overtime laws. We celebrate Labor Day because it forever changed the relationship between employer and employee. Labor Day only comes once a year, but you can show your employees your respect and appreciation with these perks.


🥪 Offer free meals

Whoever said there ain't no such thing as a free lunch? Free meals are a great way to reward hard-working employees. For starters, everyone appreciates a surprise and according to the IRS, employer-provided meals do not count against employee income if they are furnished on your business premises and they are furnished for your convenience. In addition to tax benefits, providing a free lunch can increase productivity.

The average lunch break takes about 1hr, typically when an onsite lunch is provided employees typically only take half of that time. It also decreases stress for your workers knowing that they can save a little bit more of that hard earned money. It also gives you and your employees some bonding time that isn't necessarily work chat, boosting morale and creating stronger relationships.


📣 Announce Kudos

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Ordering lunch for everyone isn't always an option when cash it tight, but the thing that creates the most pride and loyalty in any employee isn't money, or freebies, it's acknowledgment. This is totally free too. People want to know that their hard work is being seen, you can do this in a staff meeting, through writing a letter, or posting about it on social media (customers love businesses who show love to their employees).


🎳 Company Off-sites

Take your team somewhere for fun, bowling or dinner or something so everyone can let loose, bond and build morale. A team that gets along well outside of work, will be able to work more efficiently, and more happily together. You can also do fun volunteer opportunities to give back to the community and get outside.


🏆 Special Rewards

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There are other intangible things you can do to show your employees you care. Rewards are a great way to thank them for a great job while also giving them something priceless. Say you honor employees with perks like Boss for a Day, Letting them updated the window display, or awarding them a 'trophy' whether it's an actual trophy or something specific to your business that is just a symbol to let them know they are doing a kick-ass job and you appreciate them.


We all know that without good employees there is no real business, they are the faces, the backs, and heart of the company. Make sure you show your employees some love this weekend for all their hard work and they will feel the love, be happier, and work even harder for the company the love. 

Happy Labor Day.