Bringing Your Business Community Together

Photo by  Yonghyun Lee

Photo by Yonghyun Lee

Nothing brings a community together like a common goal. Everything you want as a business owner, your neighboring businesses want as well. We're taught in grade school that two heads are better than one. Imagine you have 20+ intelligent business owners who work in various industries, with experience spanning decades. Now that's what I call a dream team, think of the things you could achieve by working together. This is idea goes by many names, Business Community, Chamber of Commerce, Merchants Association, Business Coalition, but it stands for the same thing: exchanging resources and the shared knowledge of the community to better all of the businesses and residents.

Really this shouldn't be too hard of a sell to get everyone onboard to work together for the betterment of their own businesses, and the community as a whole. But there is one thing that is almost as valuable a resource as knowledge, time. Running a business, a family, and adding a community on top of it all can seem like a bit much for many. That's where Weird Street comes in, we work with business communities to help save time by eliminating the need to have a ton of emails, texts, and calls, and we work to save the little time you do have to meet face-to-face and make those important decisions that you've all been well informed on through the Weird Street app.

So why and how does Weird Street will help your businesses and the community? 


1. It's FREE!

There are few words in the English language that sound as good as the word FREE. Weird Street doesn't cost a dime for the community to sign up and start improving communication. There is nothing worse than spending loads of money on something that doesn't live up to its expectations. The difference with Weird Street, is we work directly with business communities to continually improve features, and make sure that we are meeting our mission to save you time and helping you make your community a better place for businesses, and customers.


2. Customer Service

We've all experienced bad customer service, it's the worst. Just like you, we believe the customer is always right. Our employees literally sit in on Merchant Association meetings to better understand community needs. We read every piece of feedback to ensure we're building the best product for local business communities. Your input will directly guide the development of the Weird Street application.


3. Organization

When you have 20 people with different perspectives and opinions it's hard to stay focused on a single topic. We've structured Weird Street so that you have a designated place for every topic, so there aren't any sudden tangents. Organization is the key to efficiency in communication. We also provide the ability to have private topics so certain groups like say the board of the Association can discuss certain issues before sharing it with the entire community, or all the restaurants in the community want to discuss just things that are pertinent to the service industry.


4. The (Near) Future

We are currently working with local government to provide better access to things like permits, licenses, transportation departments, and many more branches, to be able to expedite issues your business and community might have. Weird Street will go far beyond just communicating with the business owners you already know, we are working to open communication and build connections between different business districts. This will help businesses and communities work together to get even more done and have the power to impact not just the neighborhood, but the city as well.


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