How Facebook Messenger is Helping Small Business

Facebook announced, at it's F8 Conference, last week that Messenger now has 1.2 Billion monthly users, as well as 60 million business. One of Facebook's big goals with Messenger is to increase the small business side of the application. They are approaching this in two ways: Helping small businesses get discovered by integrating a Yellow Pages like feature into Messenger to help people discover new places nearby. The second thing is with Facebook's push for Chatbots they've created Instant Replies which is kind of like a chat version of a FAQ. This would potentially save business owners tons of time responding to simple questions that come up a lot like "Will you be open on Easter Sunday?" 

By connecting more businesses through messenger they give small businesses better access to their potential customers as well as giving Facebook users the exposure to places they would otherwise not have noticed. And then facilitating quick communication about common questions gives users a better experience with the business by getting an immediate response, though generated by a bot, it beats waiting minutes or hours for the business owner to respond to something simple.

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Hootsuite has created an intro guide to using Facebook Messenger for your business and how to set up Instant Replies

Stephen Perkins