4 New Year's Resolutions to improve your business

Photo by  Matt Popovich

Photo by Matt Popovich

It's that time of the year again, for all of us the make big changes in our life, whether it's hitting the gym more often, going on more adventures, or knuckling down and quitting a bad habit that has gone on too long. Typically the owner's health and state of mind are synchronous with the performance of your business. So this year let's focus on what improvements you can make to your business in terms of improving financials, process, or leadership.

So, if you are ready to make some big changes, here are seven possible resolutions you should set this year.


Delegate smaller tasks

There are so many to-dos when running a business and it's easy to get sucked into doing everything. This is your baby and your livelihood. But it's hard to operate at 200% for long periods of time, this is why you need to start letting go of some of the smaller tasks. This will free mental space to make more important decisions, it will also build confidence in your employees, knowing that you've entrusted them with this will make them not want to fail you, and become more invested in the success of the business.

Tell it on the mountain

With all of the time you've spent doing everything, you've let marketing and updating your site continue to stay on the back-burner. As much as we all just want to do the thing we love (running our business) marketing is a necessity to continuing that. So a big thing to start in the New Year should be to create a marketing plan or talk to an agency professional to help you follow through with it.

Give back

Time is the most valuable resource, it's also the most valuable thing you can offer to your community. Those that give get. To find ways to give back and the benefits read 'The Importance of Giving Back in Business'. Nothing will seed and grow goodwill for you and your business better than giving back to your community. So find a cause this New Year that matters to you and is relevant to your business and give what you can. It's also a great way to do team building. You can close up for the day and take all of your employees to do a lakeside clean up with Keep Austin Beautiful.

Join a business community

Connecting and getting to know the businesses around you will improve the community and increase the value of your business. Having a network of owners that you can work with for community events and fall back on when issues arise. A great way to get connected to the businesses in your immediate area is through Weird Street. We help local businesses work together through organized group communication.

We are all working on creating a successful business with a healthy work-life balance. Achieving these goals can be tough and takes a lot of effort, but if you follow through with these New Year's resolutions, you'll feel better, have a thriving business, and a bunch of new friends you can work with for many New Years to come.