How To Partner With Local Businesses


Marketing and promoting your business is a constant task, but what if you could have some help?

There are a lot of ways to attract new customers to your business, but one of the best and cheapest ways is to team up with another local business to share the cost as well as increase the diversity of the audience


Find The Right Partner

This is very dependent on the type of collaboration you're working on, but typically you want to work with businesses that offer complementary services—a business with the same type of customer, but not someone who provides the exact same service.

It's easiest to start working with businesses that you already have a relationship with. This is better in the sense that you know how they work and communicate so it's more likely to operate smoothly. If you're looking to reach out to a new business to partner with you can get a reference from a friend-of-a-friend, or the next best thing is to become a customer of the business you’d like to partner with and just be vocal and get to know the owner.  It’s generally a good idea to understand the businesses product, service, and quality, to make sure that that the partnership will maintain or increase your businesses image and quality of service.



The Katie Pie from Juniper, La Barbecue, and Via 313 | Hunter Townsend

The Katie Pie from Juniper, La Barbecue, and Via 313 | Hunter Townsend

Collaboration, when implemented can come out a lot of different ways, but essentially it's selling a product that involves both of the businesses involved. Businesses do this all the time and it's a great way to attract a new audience, one that would be interested in both of your businesses products, but may have only visited one of the businesses involved. For example Via 313 in Austin is an expert in collaboration pizzas. Recently they joined forces with La Barbecue and Juniper to create a delicious pizza called the 'Katie Pie.' In the past they've worked with other Austin restaurants like Swift's Attic and Michi Ramen to create some unique pies. While these aren't events they are great for press releases and social media promotions to gain interest from local customers. 


Partner For a Good Cause

Unite with other businesses to give back to a local charity. This will do good for your business and your soul, it'll also attract more customers than if only one business sponsors a cause. Again it's another way to exposure to each other’s audiences, and funnel all that to the charity.


For example, 30 Austin Breweries are partnering with Divine Canines for the annual Barks for Beers: Pup Run which is both an event to get people together, but aslo a continuous fundraiser at the participating breweries throughout the month gathering new customers who love dogs and love beer to continue giving.


Sharing is Caring


Working with another business can be advantageous in a way of saving money and increasing sales, one big way to save is when it comes to space. If you're operating in a small space or out of your garage it's nice to be able to set up shop in a larger location with lots of foot traffic. This will give you visual exposure you wouldn't otherwise have, and it will help in accommodating the big crowds you hope to bring in. Byron & Blue does this often, they already share a space with the coffee shop Brew + Brew, but they also host events like one on Earth Day featuring 2 local clothing brands, tarot card readers, Selva Beat Magazine as well as donating a percentage to charity. They've pretty much hit all the points above in one event.

So get out there and start working with other local businesses.