Now Accepting New Businesses!

We are now accepting sign-ups for businesses in Austin, TX

Hi all. Our engineering team has been working night and day over the last few months to build the Weird Street app. We're super excited and hope you will find a ton of value from it.

We've spent months talking to hundreds of business owners like you to better understand the things you wish you knew when you first started your business and the things that keep you up at night now. We discovered that (unfortunately) there is no one problem to solve, there are actually hundreds. We resolved to the fact that we could never solve all of those problems, but... your neighbors could. So we sought out a way to better connect you to the neighbor who has already solved the problem.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the app now and we’re inviting all businesses in Austin to sign up for the beta release of Weird Street. So if you're a business owner who wants a better way to connect to your businesses community to coordinate events, build your local business district, get questions answered, or just to meet the business owners you haven't had the time to say hello to; join Weird Street.

We want this to be great for everyone, you'll be partners in the success of Weird Street—giving us critical feedback about what works, what doesn't and what you think it needs. You'll be our "Business Advisors" in a sense. We'll read every piece of feedback you have, and make changes to create what's best for small businesses.

So we hope you sign up and look forward to working with you.


- Stephen, CEO

    If you sign up please share with the businesses in your community. It only works when everyone works together.


    We are currently only building for iOS.