Our Mission

Building Strong Business Communities.

I've been researching business owners and entrepreneurs for the past 3 years. The original focus was to connect business owners to CPA's in an attempt to change the percentage of businesses that failed (50% in 5 years). Of the 200+ business owners I talked to though, not one of them said that this was their main pain point or the reason they failed.

One day I saw two owners at a coffee shop talking. They were discussing promotions they were going to run for the "Christmas in July" event, eventually they transitioned into talking about sales and revenue, asking each other questions. This got me thinking...

Maybe, the best way to help businesses is by ensuring that they have a strong community to discuss these things with. Rather than selling something or service, the community could give the recommendations and help them solve problems like permits, taxes, and payroll. 

All business owners know at least a few other business owners nearby, but they might not have the connections to the people who can really help them with a specific problem. I heard a great quote "There is no problem a business is dealing with that someone 2 blocks away hasn't already dealt with." This became our mantra. We want to connect the business with the problem to the business 2 blocks away to make sure they could solve it without wasting too much time and making a mistake.

Weird Street is a private network for small business communities. You are connected to the business owners around you so you can let each other know about a break-in, work together to co-ordinate the monthly block party, or get a recommendation for the best A/C guy.

We’re excited to be starting in Austin, where local business is encouraged thanks to the unique people who live here and the Keep Austin Weird movement, where our name comes from. We’re even more excited to help the businesses here and eventually across America. Follow us here and on Twitter @WeirdStreetApp and we will bring you great stories of your fellow business owners and tips to help build your business.

We've already had a ton of support from local businesses and we hope that you will join us and help make your business community stronger and continue to make Austin a hub of entrepreneurship and out of the box thinkers.


- Stephen, CEO