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Changing how businesses work together

We love the local businesses around us, we connect with the owners, because many of us are or have been business owners. We know that running a business is so much easier with a strong community at your back.

So we’re building simple tools to empower and enrich the lives of entrepreneurs. Tools that connect every small business owner to the information, knowledge, and resources to be more successful—because we believe that community can solve any problem.

We started with an iOS app to help local business owners connect to all of their business networks, but we haven’t stopped there. We're always looking for new ways to serve our communities and make the weird small businesses we love thrive for years.

We’re empowering local restaurants to create new partnerships, getting answers for food trucks with permit questions, alerting the clothing boutique of a shoplifter in the area, and helping the coffee shop owner coordinate events to bring in new customers.

We believe in serving our community to help businesses of all kinds connect, get answers, and grow their business—a strong business community creates successful businesses and happy communities and that's good for everyone. 



Our Values

Always Give Back

Put Community First

Be Passionate

Be Weird

Be Open

Have Integrity

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Empowering all businesses to work better together